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Invocation to Hekate for Change

I debated posting this as the current revolutionary actions, aren't about me. As a white woman, right now, my job is to speak up when it would be helpful to BIPOC, but for the most part - listen and shut up. 

But if someone can use this and it would be helpful - take it, use it, and be well.

Hekate, Propylaia - During this time of Decision
We stand before Your Gate. The choice is ours.
It must be made for each individual.
Hekate, Propolos - The Guide who goes before,
Lead us as Dadaphoros into the Light of True Equality
Hekate, Rixipyle - Breaker of the Gate - Tear Down the Man Made Barriers that continue to keep BlPOC people subjugated and unable to simply live their lives to their fullest potential.
Hekate, Phosphorus - Bring your Light to the Darkness of Police Brutality and Institutional Racism. Let no one hide from the luminous blaze of Your Torches.
Kleidoukhos - Keeper of the Keys
Unlock our knowledge to do better within ourselves.
Reveal our shadows so that we may c…