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When You Feel You're Off Course

My fiance and I recently went public with our engagement (May 1). And we could NOT be more thankful and grateful for the love and support that people are showing us.

And that had me thinking about - "How did I get here?" In the last 8 years, I've moved in the winter (twice) after being kicked out of long-term cohabitation situations. I've recovered (mostly) from the effects of two car horrific accidents that caused permanent damage, serious abdominal surgery, and the mental toil/toll of getting out of two long-term emotionally/mentally abusive relationships. I also managed to get my Masters degree while working full time (sometimes two and three jobs) and completed a 4 year structured Votary program in my Witchcraft/Pagan tradition that included uncomfortable self-examination, rigorous academic study, community service, and a lot of hard work... among other things.
I have a friend who is going through an unimaginably tough time right now and they asked me, "How d…