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Chop Wood - Carry Water

This post was originally began in October 2018. Life happened. You’re getting it now. A friend posted recently about "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." And it got me thinking. The original quote refers to being in the moment and that even if we're spiritual/religious people - there are still mundane chores that need to be done. We don't have the luxury of eschewing the rent being paid, or the electric, or the water bill. While we are inherently spiritual beings, the majority of our time is taken up by mundane activities. For me: it's grading. So many papers. And creating lesson plans and assignments. And while I wouldn't trade my calling for anything, it does take up a lot of time. There is a way to make this work to our advantage. As much as the drudgery of our normal lives can intrude - we can't have that wonderful personal home ritual if there is gross garbage sitting 2 feet away. T

Previously on Buffy the... wait... wrong show

A quick recap of how my life has evolved since I began this blog: - I was about 6 months into my last year of Votary training, almost finished, but still working - All goes as planned I'll be Ordained in August. - I had just started one of two part time teaching jobs that made up almost a full time job - No benies anywhere. Now I'm full time at one place that values me, but still no benies. - My long-term time, short term cohabitating relationship was im/exploding. It took a total left turn in January and now I live somewhere else. And he is hopefully reaping what was sown. - During this relationship I had developed some crappy coping mechanisms. I'm working on those. Mostly of the good though. - I'm back to teaching and writing Witch classes again. I'm excited to get back in the fray. Keep an eye on this space. - Getting a computer - mine crapped out about November. So... hello more access to blogging. All I can say is: the Gods do the Work they do. And the

All That Dies Shall Be Reborn

It's a Waxing Moon. Many MANY things have evolved since I began this blog. I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to get back into it. Keep an eye out for my next post - you won't want to miss all the details!  -Enodia