Previously on Buffy the... wait... wrong show

A quick recap of how my life has evolved since I began this blog:
- I was about 6 months into my last year of Votary training, almost finished, but still working - All goes as planned I'll be Ordained in August.
- I had just started one of two part time teaching jobs that made up almost a full time job - No benies anywhere. Now I'm full time at one place that values me, but still no benies.
- My long-term time, short term cohabitating relationship was im/exploding. It took a total left turn in January and now I live somewhere else. And he is hopefully reaping what was sown.
- During this relationship I had developed some crappy coping mechanisms. I'm working on those. Mostly of the good though.
- I'm back to teaching and writing Witch classes again. I'm excited to get back in the fray. Keep an eye on this space.
- Getting a computer - mine crapped out about November. So... hello more access to blogging.

All I can say is: the Gods do the Work they do. And they have their reasons. If you either purposely or accidently go against their plan - Oh, they'll right you right quick.

Keep walking and Keep the Faith. 


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