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When You're Where You Need to Be

I've been fairly sick with this bad cold that's been going around. I stopped off at my local to have a Hot Toddy before heading home to relax and get some sleep. Always a wonderful conversation with the owner, another gentleman came in and we started to chat. He was a few years old than I am, married, and also an ESL teacher, though he'd gone into the JET program. We had some really interesting conversation regarding socio-economic status (he was born and raised in Miami) and how the perception of where you were brought up - it can have a direct impact on how you're received/perceived as an adult.
But to the point - we were discussing our significant others and he asked if I had any children. I told him no. He asked if I wanted any. I told him not really, but I likely couldn't have them anyway. He got quiet and said: "my wife and I went through IVF three times. It didn't work". I looked at him and said: "I'm sorry. I cannot imagine how diffic…